You may have a great job and you are perfectly satisfied with your current position. The work-life balance is good, your boss is supportive, and your colleagues are wonderful. But the challenge of the job has disappeared. You can do the work with one hand tied behind your back. Nothing is wrong, but nothing is really right.

Maybe it’s time to take some small steps to network, meet some people outside of your normal surroundings, and to ensure that you are ready for your next move, even if a job search is not on the horizon just yet.

Here are 3 simple tasks to put on your to-do list:

  1. Regularly update your resume and your LinkedIn profile. It takes just a few minutes to jot down an accomplishment from last week. But it takes several hours to reconstruct an accomplishment that you finished last year.
  2. Willingly accept the next offer of a committee assignment. Committee work can be a great opportunity to meet new people in your institution and learn the latest about a hot new topic. Your performance is not being evaluated – but it will certainly be appreciated. You might even want to agree to be the note-taker. Taking the minutes keeps you focused and identifies you as a contributor.

Ask someone in your professional world to be your mentor. Look around, talk to friends and colleagues. Chances are the perfect mentor is nearby and interested in sharing their experiences and knowledge. There are no rules about mentors. You can have one mentor or you can have many mentors. The most important criterion is that there is mutual respect between the mentor

Are you ready to move up the ladder?