Most Frequently Asked Question

What is the meaning behind the name “Frogstone”?


Frogstone was chosen for two reasons. First, I collect frogs. Not live frogs, but over the years friends and family have given me ceramic frogs, silver and bronze frogs for my charm bracelet, book-end frogs, towels with pictures of frogs, stuffed animal frogs, frog magnets, and I even have a frog sitting in a rocking chair reading a newspaper. Everyone knows I love frogs. I’m not sure when and why the fascination with frogs developed, but everyone knows about it. It was inevitable that frogs would be in the name of my company. The second reason is that frogs are jumpers and leaders of change. They jump over obstacles and they signify transformation. At Frogstone Strategies we work with organizations and individuals to “leap over the barriers to change”.